How To Fix Your Credit

By G&W Financial Assistance LLC

You are about to discover why fixing your own credit will save you thousands of dollars.
  • This is about taking control of your credit situation by learning how to fix your credit.
  • A downloadable blueprint, with step by step instructions on how to remove your bad credit.
  • The complete paperwork to mail in to your credit bureau.

Why Do I Need This?

If you thought it was impossible to fix your credit score yourself, then you thought wrong. There are companies that do this all the time and charge loads of money to do it.

Well, we have put together a packet with steps on How to fix your credit.  Now if you knew how to do this, you would save so much money.

This will help you raise your credit score by reducing the negative impact. After this is taken care of that mortgage, auto or personal loan you needed will come at a much cheaper interest rate.

Have you noticed these credit companies that have popped up all over the place charging thousands to get you 100 or 200 point raise on your credit score. They know what paper work to fill out and who to send it to.

Let Me Show You What I’m Talking About

Follow me on this…… lets take what the bank considers a bad credit score…..580 and below

Lets say you found a used car you wanted for $12,000

Now, we need an Auto loan for $12,000

According to  With a 580 credit score the best Interest Rate for a used car loan is 9.59%  At 36months for $385.00 a month. OUCH!!!!

Now, take that 580 or lower credit score and bring it to a 660 and above.

You Have A Savings of 7.59% Interest And Over$175.00 a month with well over $6k SAVINGS OVER THE LIFE OF THE LOAN

how to fix your credit



G&W’S Credit Repair Kit

This kit will include a step by step guide on what to do first, second, third……. well you get the idea. Also, this packet will have the paperwork that needs to be sent off to your credit bureau. All this information in a simple PDF document that you can download directly to your computer for instant access.

This is currently unavailable but, we are collecting emails to get on the early bird list and you will all be notified when this goes live.

Fill out the contact form and your info will be stored securely on our server.

Keep an eye out for our email because when this goes live you will get an extreamly dicounted rate and after 48hrs the price goes up. In the comment box put

“Early bird Credit Repair Kit”

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